• Idea of ELAN Land Art Projects Open or Close

    Art in the landscape can take on many forms and the European Landart Network (ELAN) will explore some of the consequences of commissioning artists to creating new Land Art works in site specific locations in different European countries. The networks' connection with the earth is paramount and art makes a significant contribution to our philosophical and cultural perception of the landscape. The commissioning of new Land Art works will provide an opportunity to explore the dialogue between man, art and nature through public interaction and education along with inter-European meetings and symposia.

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  • David Nash Open or Close

    David Nash, who is member of the British Royal Academy of Fine Arts since 1999, has developed an international reputation over five decades for his practice entirely dedicated to exploring the properties of wood and trees, including sculptural forms shaped largely by chainsaws, only ever utilising wood which has become available naturally, whether through disease or storm fallen.

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  • Gabriela Albergaria Open or Close

    Gabriela Albergaria was born in Vale de Cambra/Portugal and lives and works in Lisbon, Berlin and New York. The graduate of the Fine Arts University of Porto uses photography, drawing, installations and sculpture in developing a line of work that takes gardens and their history as a starting point.

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  • Jarosław Kozakiewicz Open or Close

    Jarosław Kozakiewicz is working on the borderline of art, science and architecture, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, currently teaches at the Faculty of Design. He is graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. Kozakiewicz’s artistic and architectural projects are inspired by contemporary ecology, genetics, physics, astronomy and ancient cosmology concepts which are looking for references between micro-and macrocosmos.

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  • Will Beckers Open or Close

    Will Beckers is an environmental artist whose passion is to follow the evolutionary process of plants and natural forms. His artistic work underwent its own evolution from sculptures with clay and bronze to develop into Land Art, specifically Environmental Art. The process of awareness originated to investigate biodiversity and biomimicry in nature.

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  • Emily Speed Open or Close

    Emily Speed is a young artist based in Liverpool (UK), who had her first solo exhibition "Make Shift" at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) in 2011 and is commissioned for an ELAN project at YSP in 2013. Speed’s work grows out of her interest for the relationship between people and buildings and her work explores the body and its relationship to architecture.

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  • Rainer Gross Open or Close

    Rainer Gross, who was born in Berlin and now lives in Belgium, began his artwork as a sculptor in stone, before devoting himself to wood from the middle of the 1990s. Since 2005, when he stopped a parallel career as an independent technical journalist, he has been concentrating increasingly on site-specific sculptural installations made of long and thin slats of blackened wood.  By assembling hundreds or thousands of them with screws he creates very large and far-reaching constructions which are always in close dialogue with their  surrounding (in nature or architecture).

    Rainer Gross produces installations with (mostly) fluid shapes, which are sometimes graphic and sometimes organic. Recurrent themes are the relentless passage of time, a reference to cyclicality and to reality as being "fluid", a harmonious balance of opposites and a contemplation of the position of man within nature.  His constructions are both, light and imposing, aerial and rooted. They provide an immediate visual, spatial and tactile experience and invite the spectator to have a new perception of their environment, of space, of scales and volumes. Over the years, Rainer Gross has created many in situ  installations in very different locations, ranging from dilapidated to prestigious historic buildings and from palace gardens to virgin forests and open landscapes (18 major projects in France alone).

    Currently until the end of Spring 2015 his installation “The Line” can be seen in Malga Costa, a rural building at the end of the ArteNatura route of Arte Sella, which in the past was used by shepherds to breed cattle and make cheese and butter during spring and summertime. A second installation (“The Square”) was created for the external exhibition area of Malga Costa inside a trench of World War I.

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